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EVA Foam Series
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Blue EVA Foam Sheet

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Blue EVA Foam Sheet




1. Thickness:  1-100mm, can be produced according to needs.
2. Size: Can be made according to needs.
3. Hardness: 30-70 Shore C.
4. Temperature Resistance:   120℃
5. Color: Various
6. Certification: ROHS, SGS, ISO9001, etc.


1. Buffer good performance: independent and fine pore closure;

2。 High temperature resistance: EVA maximum temperature 80℃

3。 Chemical resistance: resistant to organic solvents, acids, bases, etc。;

4。 No chemical corrosion: It has no corrosion to the components and packaging;

5. Heat insulation, sound insulation, water absorption, moisture;

6. Good processing performance, easy molding.


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